Why eJukebox as the music solution for pubs, clubs, cafes and retail outlets?

Everyone often assumes that they can simply play Spotify at their venue, such as pubs, clubs, cafes or retail. While this can be significantly cheaper, this is strictly prohibited as per https://support.spotify.com/us/article/spotify-public-commercial-use. If you think about it, Spotify is one to one, meaning each individual pays for the legal right to listen to the music (themselves). In a pub, there’s numerous other people who also listen to the music, and it’s these extra people that are not allowed to have a free ride off the individual who owns the Spotify subscription. This is the reason that eJukebox can be slightly more expensive when compared to a Spotify subscription, as eJukebox is one to many.

With that in mind, based on an average cost of a Spotify subscription in comparison to eJukebox, you’d be breaking even at about 15 pax at your venue, then any number above this you’d be well & truly in front.