Why do I need a OneMusic licence?

  1. Shows your organisation respects and supports songwriters and recording artists, our cultural creators.

  2. Permission. If you use music that is protected by copyright within your restaurant, Commonwealth legislation requires permission (a licence) from the creators of that music. You can read independent legal information at

  3. The big one. You benefit by using music: keeping dining patrons entertained, engaged and creating a better atmosphere.

Music creators generally authorise two organisations to administer their rights and collect their royalties in Australia. A OneMusic licence bundles all those rights into one licence and simplifies the process of gaining the required permission to use our music. If you wanted to use our music, and you did not have this licence, you would, for example, need to deal directly with the composers, songwriters, music publishers, recording artists and record labels who own the rights in the music you wish to use.