‘eJukebox Hits’ or ‘eJukebox Smooth’ package - $1/day

Attention all pubs, clubs, bars, venues, cafes, and retail outlets! Experience the ultimate convenience and ambiance-enhancing solution for your business at an astonishingly affordable rate. For as little as a dollar a day, you can seize the opportunity to obtain your very own unique stream URL (link), instantly accessible on smart speakers, computers, or Bluetooth-enabled phones.

Our service is meticulously designed to cater to your needs, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience. Once set up, it operates on autopilot, requiring zero management on your part. The music effortlessly fills the background, creating an atmosphere that captivates your patrons without any additional effort.

It’s crucial to note that, as specified in their Terms and Conditions, Spotify is only for personal, non-commercial use. Therefore, it is explicitly prohibited to publicly broadcast or play Spotify in a business setting, including bars, restaurants, schools, stores, salons, dance studios, radio stations, and more. However, fear not! We present you with two exceptional music packages meticulously curated for high quality and updated weekly, fully licensed and legally compliant for your business.

Elevate your establishment’s ambiance with legally licensed music that meets your discerning standards. Join us today and immerse your patrons in a sonic experience that will leave a lasting impression.

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Listen to the live online demo Listen to the live online demo
Smooth easy listening music - retail, leisure, dining The latest Top 40 hits - bars/clubs, fitness, retail etc
Cloud powered, latest music updated in realtime Cloud powered, latest music updated in realtime
Back-to-back, commercial-free music Back-to-back, commercial-free music
Risk free, fully licenced for business (unlike Spotify) Risk free, fully licenced for business (unlike Spotify)
No explicit lyrics No explicit lyrics
Set and forget, playlists updated weekly and influenced from local radio stations Set and forget, playlists updated weekly and influenced from local radio stations
No limit of songs, ~5000 approx. No limit of songs, ~5000 approx.

Contact us today info@ejukebox.com.au to get your eJukebox Smooth or eJukebox Hits licence for $1 / day. More details.

eJukebox package - $115/month

Exactly the same as eJukebox Smooth or eJukebox Hits, with the addition of:

  • Your own unique dedicted hardware to play the music (not a shared player) - plugs into your existing sound system
    • eJukebox is a real music solution for your business
  • Your choice of 12 playlists (including Hits and Smooth), which you can change at anytime using an app on your phone
  • Allow your customers to make song requests automatically using their own phones - like a jukebox in the palm of their hands
    • You have complete control of the requests, delete requests, move requests to the top of the queue
    • Allow customers to request songs from the currently selected playlist, or allow customers to request any song from the entire music library
    • Customers can see the current playing song, the last played songs, and the request queue to see when their song/s will be played
  • The app also allows you to skip songs, pause or play songs instantly

eJukebox is a music solution for pubs, clubs, bars, venues, cafes, retail outlets & functions. eJukebox is not your average jukebox, our music solution for your venue is a technologically advanced and cloud driven music solution with access to thousands of songs. We are fully licensed and competitive to supply all the latest, safe non-explicit music that can be used as the music source to play throughout your venue.

eJukebox is a technically advanced jukebox and can accept song requests from any smartphone and also plays music 24/7 throughout the entirety of your venue. It can plug into any existing sound system and can easily extend to cover any size venue, whether that be a pub, club, bar, cafe or retail outlet.

Unlike the others, our music solution for venues eJukebox uses state of the art digital audio processing with songs professionally mixed (just like FM radio stations). With many curated playlists to choose from, your customers can use their smartphones to request any song of their liking from the currently selected playlist.

The eJukebox music system has arguably the largest collection of popular music with all the newest music. We have a full music library with all the latest music thanks to our licenses which provide you with regular new music releases from all the major record companies.

eJukebox is fully controlled by a smartphone app that can replace a DJ on most occasions. Lets face it, a normal DJ just stands in the corner and presses buttons mostly playing what they think the crowd wants to hear. Instead, your customers will be happy customers where they themselves can be the DJ choosing songs on their smartphone with the guardrails in place that you setup, so that a heavy metal song won’t play while people are dining for example. The eJukebox music solution is available for functions or is available as a permanent music solution. We are a popular music provider and an obvious choice for venues such as pubs, clubs, bars, cafes or retail outlets.

Contact us today info@ejukebox.com.au to get your eJukebox licence for $115 / month.

Test drive eJukebox before you sign up, right now

eJukebox is now an online radio station and has signed with iHeart Radio. We are streaming across the planet, commercial free music 24/7 showing exactly what eJukebox is all about. eJukebox is a music solution for pubs, clubs, bars, venues, cafes, retail outlets & functions, and now, we’re your online music solution. You can take us for a spin and put us to our paces by giving us the pub test.

eJukebox Hits is now on iHeart radio.

Hear for yourself the quality and the the selection of the music:

  • The music played is exactly the same as what you hear on commercial radio so that you don’t alienate your customers
  • You won’t be slapped with a law suit by playing music with swearing or explicit lyrics
  • You’re not breaking the law by playing music without a licence e.g. Spotify can’t be played in public

eJukebox trial

Have eJukebox, eJukebox Smooth or eJukebox Hits in your business for a risk free 7 day trial. If you don’t like it, you can cancel at any time. If you do like it, you can seamlessly continue with a monthly subscription.