Benefits of music

Music makes wine taste better

When 250 British students were split into four groups and offered the same glass of wine while listening to a different song, they overwhelmingly said the wine tasted similar to the personality of the music they were listening to even though every glass poured was the same. More details

Music encourages beer sales

The patrons were exposed to either the usual volume or a high volume of background music. The results show that high volume levels led to increased alcohol consumption and reduced the average amount of time to drink their glass of beer. More details

Music Keeps Your Customers Inside for Longer!

In one eight-week study once the food was served to customers given the slow-music treatment (that is, under 72 Beats Per Minute) they took 11 minutes more to complete their dinners and leave (56 minutes) than those given the fast-music treatment (92 Beats Per Minute or more) (who left at the 45 minute mark). More details

Playing Music Can Help You Sell More

In one study, under a slow music treatment (that is, under 72 Beats Per Minute) the average dollar amount spent on food per customer group in one study was $55.81 compared with an average of $55.12 under the fast-music treatment (92 Beats Per Minute or more), not really a huge difference.

However, when the expenditures for alcoholic beverages were analysed, the findings were quite different. Slow music listeners had an average bar charge (per customer group) of $30.47 compared with $21.62 for those under the fast music treatment. That represented an average of 3.04 more drinks per customer group. More details