The new eJukebox Smooth and eJukebox Hits packages have finally arrived!

All the same great smooth music that you love today, no ads, no commercials and no senseless talk. Just back-to-back music.

eJukebox is a music full solution for pubs, clubs, cafes and retail outlets. Now, a streamlined version of eJukebox can be at your business today for the low cost of $1 / day.

As a reminder, Spotify is not licenced for public performance, which means if you’re currently using your personal Spotify subscription in a retail outlet, you are breaking licensing terms and putting your business at risk.

On most occasions, you won’t require any additional hardware or software to use eJukebox smooth.

Contact us today to get your eJukebox smooth license for $1 / day.

Sneak preview

Want to hear how eJukebox sounds? Check us out on iHeart radio:

Notice the quality of the sound? This is the exact same quality that you get!

Other details

  • No contracts to sign, cancel anytime, first week is on us (try it free for a week)
  • eJukebox Smooth & eJukebox Hits runs from the Microsoft cloud and is backed with a 99.95% up-time service level guarantee.
  • An eJukebox Smooth & eJukebox Hits subscription is similar to a Netflix subscription, where each subscriber can listen from anywhere over the internet and has a maximum number of connections.
  • eJukebox Smooth & eJukebox Hits is a radically simplified version of eJukebox. It costs us less to run eJukebox Smooth & eJukebox Hits, and as a result, we are passing on the savings to you.
  • eJukebox or eJukebox Smooth & eJukebox Hits has no expletives in any of the music heard, so it’s always safe for all ages.