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  • The eJukebox music system is a 24/7 music solution for venues, pubs and clubs that is controlled using any smartphone, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry - anywhere in the vicinity of your venue

  • eJukebox plays throughout an entire venue 24/7 with default playlists while allowing customers to choose what they want to hear

  • Customers can see the current song playing at your venue, the last 9 songs played and other pending requests all from their very own mobile phone






  • For the majority of the time eJukebox is 100% free. Customer request revenue offsets the monthly fee. The more requests, the less you pay. Lots of requests leads to a 100% reduction in fees

  • You get 20% share in customer request revenue credited to you quarterly in return for marketing eJukebox to your customers, be that of beer coasters or posters with QR codes

  • We distribute new music to your venue from the record companies at the same rate radio stations recieve their music. Our 80% share of request revenue allows us to cover our music distribution licensing costs

Request Portal

  • The eJukebox request portal is what all of your clientele see. If is proven to be a very efficient customer engaging communications channel and is specific to your venue

  • You can place as many pre-created mobile based banner ads as you like on the request portal which are cycled through. Instead of paying large sums of money for other forms of physical print media e.g. posters or signs, all your advertising is now digital with a massive reduction on deployment and cost

  • A text based ad section, allows you to update the text in real time to say anything you like to get your message across instantly to your customers


Ultimate Control

  • Using the eJukebox Controller App, you have full control of the the music from anywhere on the planet right at your fingertips. You can change the default playlist, change tracks, change the volume, delete in-appropriate songs and heaps more. 

  • No matter what time of the day it is, you have the ultimate control of what type of music is played - every single song

  • Radio quality music scheduling software protects against in-appropriate songs being played, and songs with explicit content are not played until after 9pm, no matter if someone requested the song or not 

User Pays

  • Our jukebox is totally virtual and is 100% controlled from any smartphone and from many smartphones at the same time which makes it a much more successful user pays system in comparison to any old school jukebox

  • Your customers pay to hear their favourite music at their favourite pub with one hand allowing them to hold their favourite drink in the other hand

  • You get a share of the request revenue from customer requests






How do we compare?



The Others

Smallest and most reliable venue music solution and cheaper than most others

Latest music direct from the record companies synchronised via the cloud hourly

Real time customer engagement using the mobile based eJukebox web portal

The mobile based request portal for customers is an instant communictions and marketing platform

Digital audio sound processing just like FM radio stations, out-putting a million dollar sound

See exactly what songs your customers are requesting up to the minute and by viewing the Top 40 requested songs chart

 Simple time calls can be played at custom intervals which read the exact current time

Professional voice-overs played over the top of song intros – the music never stops

Full remote control of eJukebox, change tracks, change default playlist, change volume, delete requests etc

Music can be played 24/7 throughout the venue

Music played back-to-back with no gaps

Generate revenue from requests

Choice of pre-customised playlists

Music played throughout the entire venue with individual volume controls for each zone