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Request Portal

eJukebox allows the punter to use their existing smartphone to access a request portal. The request portal is used to request songs, see pending requests, see the current song playing now and see the top requested songs. The request portal doesn't care what type of smartphone the punter has as it doesn't need an app, it simply runs as a website designed to fit on a small screen.



The eJukebox request portal is the site in which everyone uses to request songs and do a number of other things. The site has been designed specifically to run on a small screen such as a mobile smart phone. The following is a summary of the functions what the request portal provides. 

  • Now Playing is displayed on the front page only, as the name suggests shows the song that is currently playing.

  • Just Played displays the last 9 songs that were played.

  • Pending Requests shows all song requests that are pending in order including the time and date of the request.

  • Artists A-K and Artists L-Z show a complete listing of Artists that that have songs which are available to be requested.

  • Top 40 requested songs display the 40 most popular requested songs for the venue. This list can be browsed and songs can be requested simply by clicking on one.

  • Just Added To The Library displays all mostly new songs that have just been released

  • Party Favourites display songs that have been proven statistically to be popular with parties.