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  • Offering jukeboxes for hire in Sydney

  • Jukebox hire available now, to hire, simply call 1800 55 22 05  Lightsounds are the exclusive stockists of eJukebox

  • Hire our jukebox and not just any jukebox. We are Australian owned and based in Sydney providing nothing but quality. An extremely reliable jukebox that won't fail on the night.

  • Jukebox hire catering for all private parties or functions as well as Jukebox hire for corporate events, parties, weddings, school formals, engagement parties, birthday parties, anniversaries etc

  • Our jukebox is available for nightly hire. No need to hire a DJ, all guests can request songs from their own mobile phone, and using our eJukebox controller app, you have ultimate control over the music. Whether it be a wedding, engagement party, 21st birthday, 40th birthday or school formal, the eJukebox music system will ensure your party will be the best party and the most talked about party


Jukebox Hire

The difference between a conventional jukebox and eJukebox? Our jukebox is totally controlled by a smartphone. As a limitation to prevent one of your guests requesting too many songs, upon hiring a jukebox from us, the eJukebox music system restricts to how many songs each person can request in a single hour. At the time of jukebox hire, let us know the maximum amount of songs each guest is allowed to request per hour and we will configure the jukebox to make this happen. 


Have you ever searched online for DJ Hire? If you hire a DJ for a private function such as a wedding, the DJ is normally hired to stand in the corner and press buttons playing the music for the party. Your guests will attempt to request a song with the DJ, but its lucky if the DJ will play the song as they will have their own opinion of what music will work. The DJ thinks they know what songs are good to play by reading the crowd, but really the crowd and the person that hired the DJ are the ones that have the ultimate choice in music. In this instance, the DJ is redundant. Our jukebox for hire solves this problem of DJ redundancy.  


LightsoundsWe partner with Lightsounds Hire Company. With offices all over Australia, contact Lightsounds near you to hire our jukebox along with their endless range of:

  • amps for hire
  • speakers for hire
  • smoke machines for hire
  • lighting for hire
  • mics for hire
  • And heaps of other audio/visual equipment for hire


Call Lightsounds now 1800 55 22 05