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Why are we better?


Our Jukebox is eJukebox

  • This is eJukebox, a small tablet computer which is packed with over 7000 high quality songs on a solid-state hard drive.

  • Customers request songs using any smartphone - Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry - no app required

  • eJukebox runs on a 7" Panasonic Toughpad, it is strong enough to withstand the harshest conditions. It is Lightweight, extremely reliable (no moving parts) and is ultra portable.

  • The music library is updated and sync'ed hourly from the eJukebox cloud and is sourced from the major record companies, Universal, Sony, EMI, Warner, Ministry Of Sound, Liberation, Inertia, Mushroom and more

  • We have established agreements with all the major record companies. We receive all the same pop music at the same time that commercial radio stations receive their music 


The best sound quality

  • The quality of our audio is second to none. We use similar audio processing to that of radio stations. All music is processed in real-time using a Multiband Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Limiter. 

  • All songs played with eJukebox are perfectly mixed with one another

  • Not like an iPod or a CD, our music system has no gaps between songs

  • eJukebox uses music automation software just like radio stations allowing all songs to be intelligently mixed. No matter if a song ends cold or fades out gradually, the finished product that you hear through the speakers will make you think a DJ has mixed it professionally
Jukebox for hire quality

eJukebox Controller App

  • Designed by a DJ, this app allows anyone to be the DJ at an event or venue right from a smartphone using one hand and holding a drink in the other hand

  • Having a wedding? You don't need to pay for your own DJ, this app will do everything that a real DJ can do including gracefully stopping the music for speeches plus lining up and playing specific songs for cutting of the cake, first dance, garter toss, bouquet toss etc.

  • Walk around, be a part of the event, mingle, drink and enjoy yourself, eJukebox normally runs automatically mixing songs together beautifully playing requests while you have ultimate control if needed right from the palm of your hand.

  • The controller app is available for iOS/Android and is available for eJukebox hire and permanent venue placement

For Venues

We are a free music solution for venues. Our music system can play music throughout your entire venue 24/7, even with no requests. You have ultimate control of music that is played based on the time of day. Laid back music during the day, with more up-beat music at night – your choice. Based on the style of music at any given time, your customers have the finer choice of what music they want to hear using their mobile phone.



For Hire

Ad-hoc nightly jukebox hire is roughly $240-$320 for the night and can replace a DJ while saving you money. Our jukebox for hire comes with speakers, amps and lighting etc. Our jukeboxes also come pre-set w
ith a total of 6 different playlist styles for your liking giving you ultimate control of the style of music for the night. From the underlining default plyalist, your guests can choose their own songs that they want to hear using their own mobile phone. Individual song requests are free.

We partner with Lightsounds Hire Company. C
all 1800 55 22 05 to hire our jukebox along with a massive range of speakers, lighting, cabling, smoke machines etc


Really Reliable


  • We use solid state hard drives and a power supply with no fan. The eJukebox music system is far more reliable than our competitors

  • If you hire our jukebox for the night, we guarantee our jukebox music system won't fail. If it does fail, we'll refund your money

  • Choosing eJukebox as a music solution for your venue means that you will have the most reliable music system in the industry 
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Storage and Reliability

Our jukebox is one of the most reliable jukeboxes in the industry. Most venue jukeboxes and all hire jukeboxes run on Windows tablets which have much less moving parts than that of another computer. Everyone knows that the most unreliable parts of a computer are moving parts e.g. fans and hard drives. As our jukeboxes run on Windows tablets, they have practically no moving parts. Our jukeboxes come with a lighting quick and reliable SSD (Solid-State hard drive). Our jukeboxes have their own batteries, in the event of a power failure, our jukebox will keep going.



You don't want the wrong music playing at different times. For example, you wouldn't want to hear "Whitney Houston - I will always love you" after 9pm at night or a heavy metal song playing after 9am in the morning. With our jukebox, we ensure that only the right songs will be available to be played and/or requested based on the time of day. 


Time of day music styling means that you have complete control of music that is played right across the day and what songs that are allowed to be requested at different times. Built in protection means that only suitable songs are requested based on the time of day. From the included master music library, all jukeboxes come with default Top 40 playlist suitable for anytime of the day which is played in the event that there are no requests. We have an up-beat playlist for night and a more of a laid back playlist for the daytime. Playlists change automatically based on the time of day. Users can only request songs from which ever playlist is currently active with strict protection in place to prevent the wrong song being played at the wrong time. The person responsible for the eJukebox music system will always have total power for any reason or on the very odd occasion that a request has been made which doesn't really fit, they can delete requests or skip to the next song. This option to delete requests or skipping songs should be last resort option only. The deletion of requests is only recommended for jukebox hire purposes where requests haven't been individually purchased.


New additions to Music

We have strict licenses with all the major record companies, our jukeboxes are supplied with new music that meets the same release rate as commercial radio stations. Our distribution license allows us to distribute all of this new music to all our jukeboxes as soon as we get it. You will always have the very latest music at your fingertips without even lifting a finger.



Our jukebox music system comes with a number of predetermined default playlists which group music specifically to their style. So that the wrong song won't be played at the wrong time, playlists and strict rules are used for time of day music styling which gives total protection to prevent the wrong song playing at the wrong time of day.


Sound Quality

Each jukebox music system uses a state of the art professional wide band limiter, automatic gain control and compressor all in one. This ensure s that every song will sound rich in quality and played at the exact same volume as the last song. A song like Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to heaven" that natively starts off quiet and finishes loud, will play at the same volume for the entirety with an our jukebox music system. All songs will sound a million dollars on any speakers. Want to hear for yourself how good the music sounds? We have an jukebox music system in the cloud running strictly as a demo only, you can tune into the demo only feed here: http://db2.indexcom.com/idemo.


With our jukeboxes, all songs are mixed in with one another perfectly. Similar to an iPod, where one song plays, then comes to a complete stop with a small pause before the next song, our jukebox will perfectly and intelligently mix each song with one another exactly like a radio station.


Now Playing lists

Each jukebox music system generates a now playing HTML file which includes the current song being played at the venue, also the last 9 songs played. A demo of this HTML file can be seen here, this is generated from our Demo Pub. Your venue can be listed on the Now Playing page of the eJukebox website listing all of your now playing information (similar to the demo), your logo and a link back to your website. Before someone comes to your venue, they can get a feel as to what music is playing prior to coming. Not only is there a menu of food and drinks published on your website, now there can be a menu of songs.