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What is eJukebox? eJukebox is a technically advanced jukebox that accepts requests from a mobile phone and also plays music 24/7 throughout the entirety of a venue where it is setup. It can plug into any existing sound system and can easily extend to cover any size venue.


eJukebox is a jukebox that is controlled by a smartphone which replaces a DJ on most occasions. Lets face it, a normal DJ just stands in the corner and presses buttons mostly playing what they've been told to from the person that hired them. Instead, everyone can be the DJ choosing their own songs on their smartphone where ever they are without the need to stand in front of an actual jukebox. eJukebox is available for private function hire/rental or is available as a permanent music solution. We are a popular music provider and an obvious choice for venues such as pubs or clubs.


The eJukebox music system has arguably the largest collection of music with all the newest music, we have a full music library with all the latest music thanks to regular new music releases from all the major record companies. 


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eJukebox is new and hip. While all other music solutions are all static, eJukebox is the only totally automated shared music solution which is totally dynamic. eJukebox is exactly like a conventional jukebox, except much newer - conventional jukeboxes are old school. An old school jukebox is a static device that sits on a wall or in the corner of a room, whereas eJukebox is today's technology in a jukebox eliminating the need to be anti-social lining up or standing in front of a jukebox for ages browsing through songs. There are many other leading features that make our jukeboxes better than a standard jukebox, the biggest difference is that our jukebox is totally controlled by a smartphone from practically anywhere the music is heard.


Who needs a DJ, when everyone can be the DJ. With an eJukebox system, all your customers become the DJ, they can browse through all the music available on eJukebox conveniently from their smartphone, then they can choose a song straight away at the same time while holding a drink in the other hand. Customers can see what songs have been requested by everyone and see when their song is coming up. 


As eJukebox is interactive, it will bring people closer together in an environment where they can interact with one another with excitement. Background music won't remain background music any longer, it will become one of the primary topics of conversation. 

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