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Marc Kean

Marc Kean

Marc Kean is the technical brains behind eJukebox. Marc Kean started out a long time ago working in commercial radio as an on-air announcer after securing a Diploma of Commercial Broadcasting from the New Zealand Radio Training School. After several years of being paid crap money he switched fields and decided to work in the IT industry where he is now. Over the past 10+ years, he worked his way through the ranks of IT, helpdesk, desktop support, server support and technical design/architecture. Marc Kean is now working for himself as an independent IT contractor consultant using the money that he earns to setup eJukebox from the ground up. 


I guess you can say, eJukebox is the perfect mix between radio and IT.


Alex Spence

Alex's introduction to sales, and more specifically the IT industry began in August 1998, when she was appointed an Account Manager role within the distribution channel at ACA Pacific. Now after 14 years in the IT Industry, Alex's experience has lead her to work within the reseller and vendor channels as a Business Development Manager. She has greatly enjoyed her sales roles as she sees her ability to build and maintain strong relationships with a diverse range of clients.


Alex has now have ventured into the development of a music collaboration solution which she believes the public will take great interest in. Alex looks forward to continuing her business development and working for a new company which she strongly believes in.